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Hi I was reading how to get rid of tree frogs or frogs all together and I got curious on how to keep them off your car cracks.  Especially when you open your car door or the trunk area there they are. I am so scared of frogs that I am afraid while I am driving one will jump on me or somewhere in my car. Is there a product that I can use to keep them away from my car? Please let me know. Where I live they are a million of them. Thanks.

In our frog articles you’ll see mention of a product called PEST RID. It comes in a granule and a spray. This would be what you need to use to keep frogs off and away from your car.

So to keep the car frog free, you’ll want to keep the areas around your car treated with our frog repellent. Do this by applying the granules in an area that goes approximately 10 feet from all four sides of the car. This should be done whether you store the car in a garage or keep it out in an open drive way.

The granules can be applied safely to the ground whether it be dirt, cement, etc. In general you won’t have to apply them to cement but instead, focus on any turf that might be alongside the driveway, garage, parking lot, etc. depending on where you keep the vehicle.

Next, you will want to spray these same areas. This will be done over the top of the granules and any sections which were left untreated with granules. In other words, the spray should be applied to all cement around the car so if you left areas untreated with granules, be sure to get them with the spray. Also spray any dirt, turf and basically the entire area (10 feet out from all sides) around the vehicle using the PEST RID SPRAY.

Next, you will need to mist some of the spray onto the tires of your car. Not the rims (wheels) but basically the rubber sidewalls of the tires. Since the car’s tires come in contact with the ground, they are the most likely entrance path for invasive pests like frogs to jump on to and use as a way to get inside the vehicle.

You’ll also want to wipe down all the gaskets, seals and door frames. Do this for each passenger door, trunk and hood of the auto. These areas are where frogs like to roost but by treating them with the Pest Rid, you’ll put in place a repellent which will keep them away.

Now you can opt to spray the Pest Rid directly onto these areas. But in our experience, this can prove wasteful since you’ll most likely over apply the Pest Rid. A better way to use it is to first spray a damp rag with the Pest Rid Spray. Next, take the rag and wipe down the sidewalls of the tires. This way you’re getting complete and exact coverage of the areas needing to be treated.

Lastly, you’ll need to renew your applications once a month to keep the treatments fresh and active. And if you follow this procedure, you should be able to keep frogs away and out of your car.

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