how to kill rice weevil eggs


How do you destroy rice weevil eggs?

In general, there is no practical way to kill insect eggs. Most have an impervious cover so traditional insecticides won’t penetrate. On top of that, many are placed where its not easy to find them. In the end, there is no efficient and practical way to deal with just the egg stage so in general, its either the larvae or adult stage we target when treating.

Now with rice weevils, the same is true. Typically they’ll lay eggs on the food where they’re most concentrated. But if you’re finding them throughout the pantry, kitchen or in other areas of the home, they could be laying eggs anywhere.

To control such a problem, you’ll need to remove suspect food they’ve targeted. This is explained in our rice weevil article found here:

Rice Weevils:

Once contaminated food has been removed, you’ll want to treat with some of the products we have listed. In most cases, spot treating small areas is all you’ll need to do if the problem is limited to a pantry or a few cabinets. A good option for this type of problem is either Dforce or Phantom aerosol.


Phantom Aerosol:

But if you feel like you need to do a more extensive treatment and in particular, target rice weevil eggs, go with the Permethrin or D-fense with some Nyguard added to the mix. The Nyguard is about as close of an “egg killer” we have at this time. In fact it doesn’t kill eggs. But it will affect rice weevil larvae so they’re not able to develop properly. This in turn causes them to mutate and die off way before reaching maturity. And if they don’t properly mature, they can’t reproduce. So at this time, Nyguard is definitely your best egg treatment option available.

Permethrin 10:

D-fense SC:


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