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I live in an apartment and have silverfish appearing. I know they’re not nesting in my living room but I keep seeing them on the wall and ceiling. I’m on the top floor of this building and my neighbor says he’s seeing some too. What can I do to keep them out? I’ve got a cat so I need something safe but I’m willing to spray if that will help. I just don’t want to mess up the ceiling.

If you read through our SILVERFISH article, you’ll learn this pest readily lives in the attic spaces and roofing of most any structure. And once the numbers in these areas gets large enough, some will migrate inside. This seems to happen the most during the winter. In the article you’ll also learn that spraying usually doesn’t work for silverfish because of exactly what you’re seeing; they tend to stay on the walls and ceiling areas which are hard to treat with a traditional “spray”. But there is a sure fire way to keep silverfish out.

If you treat all routes of entry with DRIONE DUST, they won’t be able to enter. Drione is a dessicant dust they hate and will avoid it at all costs. Apply some to light fixtures, electric outlets and basically any “hole” into walls and ceilings. Common routes of entry include where electric lines or water pipes come into apartments too. Even cable lines. But a little bit of Drione applied with a HAND DUSTER to these areas will stop the invasion.

Another benefit of using Drione is that it lasts long. Treatments will last 6-12 months if the area being treated is dry. And if you get every port of entry, you’ll keep silverfish out for good. Lastly, by treating these key areas, there won’t be any need for concern regarding your cat because the treatments will be well above and away from where people and pets are active. This means there will be no exposure or risks making this application ideal.

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