groundhog trapping on property with live traps


I have problems with groundhogs, however, with my property layout, I cannot locate their holes. I need to trap and remove them, however, it appears traps are only best used when near entrances. How would you suggest I get rid of these pests? I would use poison but I do have stray cats on my property that I do not want to harm. Thanks Joe.


Groundhogs can be trapped anywhere. No doubt if you know where they have a den, it’s usually easier. But if you have groundhogs, then you must see damage or you must be seeing the groundhog itself. And either where you see the damage or where you see the groundhog will be great locations for setting a trap.

So if they’re targeting a plant in your yard, gather some of it and spread 1 oz of TRAPPERS CHOICE GROUNDHOG BAIT onto a small pile. This pile should be about the size of softball. Make the placement as early in the day as you can and let it sit. Later in the evening, just before dark, go inspect the placement to see if anything has found it. If you find the offering is consumed within 1-2 days, it means this location will be a good spot to set a trap.

Remember, groundhogs are very much creatures of habit. So if they’re foraging on the same plant or if you have been seeing them in a certain area of the property, you’ll only need to place this “pre bait” pile in any such area to firmly establish this location as a good place to set the trap.

And once a good location has been identified, get the LT111230RD and gather another softball sized amount of vegetation and Trappers Choice to use for setting the trap.

Now if you’re not sure of any specific food they’ve been eating, use broccoli.  Groundhogs love broccoli and with a little bit of Trappers Choice spread over the top to give it that extra scent, they can’t resist eating it.

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