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Thanks for your recent information regarding lawn fungus- we’re getting the PH tested before starting treatment to get the centipede lawn healthy first and then applying a fungicide.

I’ve also been advised that we have a local area on our lawn that has lawn pearls. I’ve seen them attached to the grass roots and I’m prepared to dig out the infected area and put in new sod but we need your advice as how to effectively chemically prepare the sandy soil area to prevent any possible pearl larvae, insects or pearl sacs that might still be in the soil from coming back and infesting the area again after installing the sod.

We appreciate any suggestions or recommendations that you might have, and thanks again for your help.

First, you’re welcome and we hope our advice is leading you in the direction you want to go regarding your landscape and pest control concerns.

Second, there is no need to remove or replace any of your grass if the main reason you want to do this is due to the ground pearls. In fact ground pearls are an insect; they fall into the “scale” family and are vulnerable to range of insecticides.

But before you treat, its important to understand that one of the most common traits we see with ground pearls is that they seem to really like soil with low PH levels. A log PH means you have an acidic environment so if you end up finding your PH is 6.5 or lower, this is where you will want to spend your time and effort: fixing the ph as explained in our article here:

Soil PH:

In the article you’ll see us reference a PH Meter and if you don’t have one, it would be well worth  investing in one so you can check your PH throughout the year. Of all the things in your yard, the PH is the one variable that controls everything else. In other words, once it drops below 6.0, your turf will become weak and vulnerable to fungus, insects, weeds, etc. So if you want a healthy yard, you need to make sure the ph is kept balance.

PH Meter




Now once the PH is fixed, apply BIFEN GRANULES at the rate of 2 lbs for every 1000 sq/ft and retreat once a month for 3 months. Bifen will control a wide range of insects using turf grass for nests including scale related pests.





Next, spray over the granules with BIFEN XTS. This needs to be done once a month too while you see activity. Use 1 oz per 5,000 sq/ft. This formulation is fast acting and will quickly knock the down the active scale but it won’t penetrate down deep like the granules so you’ll need to do both for long term control.





A good HOSE END SPRAYER will be needed to spray the Bifen XTS. This one is easy to use; add 1 oz of Bifen and fill it up to the 5 gallon line. Next, hook it to your garden hose and spray the entire contents over 5,000 sq/ft.





If you’re PH is in the proper range, you should see improvement after 2-3 weeks. And after the second application, most problems will be resolved. After that, treat every 3 months with both granules and the liquid to insure they don’t come back. And be sure to check your PH at least once every 6 months.



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June 2, 2014

Dale McLamb @ 2:26 pm #


As to Ground Pearls, according to the above as easy to control….my yard and my neighbors’ yard (across the highway) are infested to the point that hardly anything will grow–not even a healthy weed. This all has happened to my yard within 3 neighbors in 10 years. I have centipede, neighbor is trying Bermuda. Mine is not as bad as his but “pearls” appear in spots all over the year where dying is occurring in circles. I have dug and found “pinkish pearls” and whitest eggs clusters. HELP!

Dale McLamb @ 3:05 pm #


Neighbors yard is a pH of 6.5…has or is trying to establish Bermuda.

I have just placed an order for a pH meter.

Dale McLamb @ 6:42 pm #


Thanks for the feedback…..will try this approach.

June 3, 2014

Dale McLamb @ 7:33 am #


Can the Cyonara RTS be purchased in a concentrate? I have a large yard to apply this. Thanks

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