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I began having roaches when I moved and had a huge dumpster across the fence from my place. I had a pest control company spray and got rid of them but can’t afford the monthly treatments. They are using permethrin now around the outside. Is this a good permanent treatment? If I spray inside and around the dumpster is there any chance of killing them without bringing them back to my property?

PERMETHRIN would not be a good choice for any species of roach – especially german roaches. They’re just too strong and too resistant to most pyrethroids and since Permethrin has been around forever, its simply not an effective active to use. I’ve seen roaches avoid areas where permethrin is used so in the end, it will many times make problems worse.

A better option would be a concentrate known as PHANTOM. Its odorless, long lasting and because its undetectable by roaches (and other insects), extremely effective.

Phantom uses a relatively new type of active which as its name suggests, is essentially invisible to target pests. They’ll readily walk on treated surfaces unknowingly picking up the active and in the process, killing themselves.

Phantom takes 2-3 days to work but this is by design. Because Phantom can be transferred from one pest to another, insects like roaches will cross contaminate many other roaches in the days following their exposure because they typically nest, roost and live in communities with many other roaches. This makes Phantom extra effective compared to more traditional concentrates.

In fact, using the liquid form of Phantom on and around the dumpster as well as spot treating areas between this location and your residence, you should be able to keep them out of your home for sure.

Now if you have inside sensitive areas where you’re not comfortable spraying liquids, go with the PHANTOM AEROSOL. It uses the same active but is unique in that it “goes on dry” and is odorless. Personally I use the aerosol form quite a bit inside my home since I have a lot of hardwood floors. For this reason liquids are just too messy for my home.

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