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Your site is very informative. At one point, there was a reference to a local company that guaranteed getting rid of these pests. I believe you are located in Georgia. However, I live in New Jersey. These things are not even supposed to live up here. Several years ago I hired a local outfit to get rid of them. They set up a hav-a-heart trap and left — never to return. I have battled these critters for several winters on my own using plastic rat traps and pecans for bait. It has been reasonably successful, but not completely so. Even after I believe they have been cleaned out for one season, the come back the next year. I guess my question is how can I find a pest control company that really knows how to get rid of these things and knows how to keep them out for good? I found one hole and stuffed it with extruded aluminum mesh. They have moved to another section of the attic and I can’t even find how they are getting in. Thanks for letting me vent. If you know of an association or company that works in central to northern New Jersey, I would be very grateful for the referral.

First, I’m certain flying squirrels are native to your region. I say this because I worked for several years in NY doing wildlife removal and dealt with countless flying squirrel problems. We found them active on Long Island, Staten Island, Manhattan and upstate NY so they were well dispersed in the region for sure.
Now I only did a few jobs in NJ and this was back in the 80’s but no doubt there were flying squirrels there too.
Second, if you want to try your luck hiring another service company, you can do a search for a local company we trust in your region by following this link:
Lastly, I can tell you from first hand experience that our Ultra Sound devices will work well on these guys so if you want to continue handling the problem yourself, get some of them installed if you want a more permanent solution. The key is getting them placed where they’ll have the most impact.
So for inside the attic, you’ll want to set up at least 2 TRANSONICS. In most cases these can be set up “back to back” in a center spot of the attic. This way the sound will be projected outward to the entrance points which are usually where the roofing meets the decking in the space. Of course if you have a specific area where they’re mostly entering (maybe around a chimney or attic vent) and it’s on one side or section of the attic, get the units pointed at this direction for the best results.
Next, you should place some YARD GARDS on the outside of the structure. These should be pointed at the area where the flying squirrels are entering. By covering these entry points with ultra sound, you’ll make it very uncomfortable for them since flying squirrels hate these sounds and will avoid anywhere the sound is detected.
Now keep in mind the Transonic (inside unit) can usually be noticed by people. This is okay and though sometimes  annoying, it won’t pose any kind of hazard to people or pets. And if you set it up on a timer you can usually have it operational at times when it’s not a problem for the local inhabitants.
Also, once you effectively chase out any flyers in the attic and have Yard Gards installed outside the home, the Transonic will many times not be needed so it can be turned off and only put in use when you know they’re back inside.

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