flying brown or black bugs attacking petunia plants and rose bushes


I have a recent problem of flying black or brown bugs attacking the flowers and leaves of petunia plants and roses. They look like a stink bug.

Spring and summer will see a lot of bugs coming out, getting active and infesting beneficial plants like petunia’s and roses. If you want to stop these attacks, you’ll need to start treating your plants for protection. There are several treatments that can do the job but for problems like you’ve described, we’ve found 2 or 3 that work great.

The first option is to treat with CYONARA RTS. This product comes with it’s own sprayer, hooks to your garden hose and works great on just about any kind of garden pest. Spray the plants you want to protect and treat weekly till they’re gone. Cyonara is odorless and easy to use.

Cyonara RTS:

The next option is our organic concentrate known as BUG PATROL. Like the Cyonara, Bug Patrol comes with it’s own sprayer and is easy to use. You’ll need to retreat weekly till they’re gone with this spray too and once you don’t see any more bugs, treat every 3-4 weeks to make sure they don’t return.

Bug Patrol:

Lastly, for long term control and less work, if you drench the soil around the plants with some DOMINION, it will be absorbed by the plants and work as a systemic. This means the active will grow “into” the plant leaves and stems and will effectively kill insects that attempt to feed on it.

And Dominion lasts a good long time. In fact, one treatment with Dominion is all you need to do per year so it’s the easiest to employ for long term control of any plant pest. But it will take a month or two to be absorbed and “kick in” so you might want to do some spraying the first few weeks until the active gets distributed throughout the entire plant.

Dominion 2L:

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June 13, 2012

Cheryl Dace Jones @ 7:59 am #


Thank you for the information.

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