how to treat fleas in artificial turf


I suspect I have a flea infestation in my artificial turf lawn.  What’s the best product to get rid of them quickly?

Fleas can pretty much infest any area of the home or yard. And this can happen regardless of the surface. This includes artificial turf; whether in the home or yard.

With that being said, any of the treatments listed in our FLEA CONTROL article will take care of the problem.

Now whether or not you should use the BIFEN GRANULES depends on how thick the turf is. In general, if the turf is 1/2″ or less, the granules will probably be a cosmetic concern and for that reason, not applied. But if the turf is 3/4″ or more, put out the granules. Even if it means spreading them a little thin. They offer long term control and basically allow you to go 2-3 months in between liquid treatments once the problem is resolved. This benefit will prove to be a big help for flea problems and for this reason, they’re important to use where possible.

Second, whether you apply granules or not, you’ll want to spray CYONARA RTS over the top of the turf. Cyonara is odorless and will kill both flea larva and adults when applied.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can kill flea pupae. And as our article explains, it can take several months for the pupae to “run out”. During this time you’ll keep finding new fleas as developing pupae mature and hat. No doubt this will be frustrating.

But there is nothing that can be done other than spraying with Cyonara RTS as frequently as is needed. In some cases, this could mean spraying 1-2 a week. More information about flea pupae can be found here:

Flea Pupae:

Lastly, make sure the pet and the inside of the home are also treated. Failure to protect these areas will usually only allow the problem to persist.

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