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I really hope you can help! I just moved into a basement level apartment 2 weeks ago and there seems to be a gathering of crickets right outside my bedroom window! This is so extremely annoying. They chirp all night long so I have barely been able to sleep. Now some of them have been coming inside through the window which is also a concern because I have no idea how many are coming in. What can I do??

You definitely need to start treating as our online Cricket Control article explains. Start by spraying the outside of the building with CONQUER. It’s odorless and works great on crickets. Basically you need to spray the foundation, the ground, up the side of the building, etc. This will kill off any nesting in the area and keep new ones from coming around. Conquer is so effective, spraying a couple of gallons along any exterior sides of your apartment will yield instant results and should solve the problem within a day or two.

Now once they’re gone (which should take just a day or two following the treatment), plan on renewing the application every month during the spring, summer and fall to insure new ones don’t come around. These treatments will also control other perimeter invaders like ants, roaches, etc.

Lastly, Conquer can be applied inside the apartment too and if you spray around windows, baseboards, etc., this will help keep them from entering and any that do should die. You should also set out some CRICKET TRAPS throughout your living space to help round up any that make it in.

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