clothes moths in yarns fleece and fabric


Hi, I have a house with mostly tile and laminate floors. Something is eating my woolens. Looks to me like carpet or clothes moths. I have a lot of yarns/fleece and fabrics that are being damaged even though they are clean (new from store). I have cut off the damaged lengths and shaken out and vacuumed all the skeins/cones/balls/yardage. I’m thinking to store these in gallon and larger ziploc bags on open shelves in my studio area. What could I put in the bags or spray the yarns with to ensure any remaining critters/eggs/etc don’t survive and avoid re-infestation? I also have 2 closets I’d like to clear the infestation from, one of which does not have a door but I could seal with plastic temporarily. Thanks in advance.

Could be clothes moths but have you seen any adults flying around? If not, I’d say there is a better chance you have carpet beetles. They are more likely to be missed and probably cause more damage in homes yet for some for reason, people don’t seem to know much about them. The good news is you’re on the right track at solving this problem whether its carpet beetles or clothes moths. In fact, what you plan on doing is exactly whats needed and what I’d recommend.

Now before you store anything, you do want to treat. And the best product for the job is BEDLAM PLUS. This aerosol is used a lot for bed bugs, carpet beetles and clothes moths. Its actually labeled for use on beds and bedding so you know its safe. Yet even though its very safe for these areas, its also very effective. Thats because it uses an adulticide and a growth regulator so it will effectively get eggs and larvae before they can eat and mature.

Bedlam Plus:

Bedlam is easy to apply, gentle on treated surfaces and it won’t stain or affect your yarn or fabric. Not only that, treatments last a long time. No doubt this is the right product for your problem.

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