Odor control can be accomplished with a variety of products available today. First you need to determine the kind of odor you have. Then you need to minimize the conditions which are contributing to the odor. Thirdly you need to employ a material designed to counteract, mask or consume the odor. If you do all three things successfully, you will be able to reside, work or play in an environment without offensive smells.

This article will highlight different odor problems that may be encountered in the home or place of business. Then we will explain things you can do to minimize the conditions contributing to the odor. Thirdly we will explain how to use some of the latest products available for controlling these odors.

The following are some of the more common odor problems homeowners or businesses may have to deal with. Click on the one which you would like to learn more about and you will move to that section of our article.









These odors are caused by animals dying in and around the home or work place. In our business, the most common scenario is that a poison bait was used which caused a rodent such as a mouse or rat to die. If the death occurs in the attic, wall void or inaccessible crawl space, the animal will smell and in most cases the smell will last for several weeks. In some cases the animal is a squirrel, opossum or raccoon. These larger animals may smell for several months.


Other dead animal smells we deal with include birds in attics, frogs, lost pests such as snakes or gerbils, turtles, dogs, cats, and even humans who were left to decay for several days or weeks in an apartment or home. In general, the larger the animal, the longer the smell will persist and the more treating will be necessary. If you’re unsure as to what a dead body would smell like, it is most likely that there will be a large number of flies close to the odor. If you notice maggots or flies in the odor area, something organic has died and it probably is an animal.

Once the smell has been determined to be from a dead body, you should try to remove it. If you are able to find it and remove it, you may still need to treat the area with an odor enzyme to remove the persistent smell. If the animal is inaccessible, the use of these products will be ongoing until the body is able to completely decompose. Again, this may take several weeks or months, depending on the size of the animal.



There are three products available for the best breakdown and removal of dead body odors. Stay away from any material which is only an odor mask. There are many of those products available. Common scents include wintergreen, cherry, lemon/lime, pine or country fresh. We sell these products in both a concentrated form and aerosol used in dispensing machines. They can be used for other applications, but not for dead body odors. The problem when using odor masks for dead body odors is that the odor will continue. Since these materials only mask the odor, you will be inclined to use very heavy doses of it trying to mask the dead body smells. This over application will lead to you hating the masked smell as well because it will be so smelly that it will give you headaches and possibly nausea.

Odor DestroyerWe have had other complaints of the odor of the animal mixing with the masking odor to produce a wicked smell. Again, this new smell is something which will linger for a long time and most people find the new smell worse than the dead smell! The product you should use is the ODOR DESTROYER. This product works well on most any type of odor problem. It is handy to use when the place to treat is known. It combines an enzyme and a mild masking agent so you can remove odors quickly and completely when you are able to treat specific spots.

Odor DestroyerOdor Destroyer:




Foaming Agent2 Gallon FoamerNNZOne of the best ways to treat an odor issue that’s in the wall is with our water based NNZ. Using a FOAMING TOOL and some FOAMING AGENT you can inject the foam into any suspected wall void which might have the dead animal. The great thing about the foam is that it will tend to hold it’s place better in the wall which leads to better coverage of the animal which can be caught on one side. When applied, the foam will carry the NNZ onto the decaying body whereas any liquid sprayed into the wall could very easily pass the body causing it to be largely ineffective.


2 Gallon FoamerFoaming Tool:

Foaming AgentFoaming Agent:


Be sure to treat as many of the voids that you can and try to apply the foam above the level where you think the animal is stuck. Remember that wall studs will obstruct the flow of the foam so you need to apply some into every void which is usually about every 16 inches on most traditional homes throughout the United States. The great thing about the Foaming Tool is that it will let you do this application without having to rip your walls out.

If the odor is in an attic or crawl space, you may broadcast it with a pump sprayer or a fogging machine. In rooms where the odor is present but you do not know where it is coming from, you can place small amounts of NNZ in cups or soak cotton balls and place them out. Add more placements until the odor is removed. You will need to replenish these placements as the product evaporates.

Aerosol DispenserOdor ElminatorWhat works amazingly well is another product we sell called the ODOR ELIMINATOR. This is an aerosol which works by dismantling all odor molecules so that they “fall apart” and are not perceived as offensive in their broken down components. The Odor Neutralizer is used in small machines which run off batteries and releases a 1 second blast of aerosol every 7, 17 or 25 minutes depending on how you set it. They are small and discreet and called AEROSOL MACHINES.

Odor ElminatorOdor Eliminator:

Aerosol DispenserAerosol 2000:


Air SpongeRemember that this is still not a permanent solution since the body will still be somewhere releasing the offensive odor. However, the Odor Eliminator is about the best aerosol that can be used in the living area for quick relief of bad smells. Another product that can be used in these rooms is called the AIR SPONGE. This product has the ability to absorb odors. Though it doesn’t remove or consume the odor, it will offer relief in the rooms where the odor is most persistent.

Air SpongeAir Sponge:


NNZN7CThe Air Sponge will not work as well as the Odor Eliminator but for mild problems it can prove helpful. Use the Odor Eliminator where you have the odor and try to deliver either N7C or the NNZ where the odor is originating for the best results possible.




BG 2300Pump SprayerUse one of our SPRAYERS to apply the Odor Destroyer when you are have access to the key areas such as the attic or crawl space. If you are unsure where the odor originates from or if the areas are hard to reach, use a FOGGING MACHINE for quick and complete coverage.

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:

BG 2300BG 2300:



Pet urine odors are a common problem. Puppies and kittens are likely to urinate throughout the home before they are successfully house trained. Older pets are inclined to have urinary tract problems which will lead to mistakes in the home. People may have the same problem. Children may urinate when they are young or toddlers may decide to use the living room instead of the couch because “I didn’t know better”. Elderly people may have a problem which leads to accidents that might occur on furniture or the floor. Urine is an odor which is very much alive and needs to be killed. You won’t achieve success with detergents or bleaches.

For this reason, urine odors can persist for several years if left untreated on floors, carpets, beds, furniture or any porous surface. We have dealt with some homes that would have a terrible urine odor following a rain. These were homes that had pets several years before which urinated in the basement. Water activates urine and enables it to come to life. We have many customers who experience this in a used home they buy and can’t figure out where it is coming from.



Quick ActionTo control these problems, use a product we sell called QUICK ACTION. This enzyme attacks the urine and breaks it down. Although the original formulated was created for dogs, it has since had other materials added to it which enable it to work for cats, humans and other animals. These other animals have a different urine composure, so more treatments may be necessary. When treating, you will get better and quicker results if the area treated is moist or wet. If the pet has urinated on carpeting, make an effort to pull back the carpet to treat underneath it as well. Treating on the top only may work if you are sure of the location and if you soak it enough to penetrate

Quick ActionQuick Action:


Pump SprayerBG 2300If the odor persists following a treatment, you probably need to pull the carpet up and retreat. This is important and cannot be overlooked. The wood or concrete below the carpet may be holding the urine and keeping it alive. This is particularly a problem when there is a slab below the carpet. Since slabs absorb moisture quickly, you would expect a smell following every rain storm. If animals were permitted to urinate in crawl spaces or attics, you may want to fog the Quick Action. Fogging enables you to reach far areas without having to travel in these sometimes tight spaces. It will also penetrate better and insure proper coverage. Our B&G 2300 FOGGER will pump material out quickly and will reach up to 40 feet away. We have used it to treat attics where rats, raccoons or other animals have been living for some time and the feces odor was unbearable. After several treatments, the materials were broken down and the foul odor was eliminated. For open floor spaces, one of our SPRAYERS to get proper coverage.

BG 2300BG 2300:

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:


Cherry Scented ConcExcrement smells in public bathrooms and restrooms that are used a lot may be addressed by masking the smells. If these toilets are being flushed, there is no need to treat with enzymes because they will serve no benefit. Remember, enzymes need to be applied as closely to the smell as possible to provide the best results. Odors from rest rooms can be handled with either CHERRY FRESH CONCENTRATE. The Cherry Fresh can be placed out on cotton balls or placed in cups and concealed under counters or in the ceilings. It will mask these odors and needs to be replenished monthly.

Cherry Scented ConcCherry Scent:


Odor ElminatorAerosol Dispenser RefillAlternatively, the use of aerosol scents generally prove easier to deploy. Flavors abound and include BABY POWDER, PINE, CHERRY, MANGO, CITRUS and others. The manufacturer changes them often so you may want to check with us to see if there are any new ones available. If you decide you want to remove the odor instead of masking it with one of the flavors above, get the ODOR ELIMINATOR refill which will remove the smell from the air. It does leave a fresh “hospital clean” type of a smell but be warned that it is not designed to mask strong Urine or Bathroom smells. You will do better with one of the scented aerosols listed above if this is what you are trying to accomplish.

Aerosol Dispenser RefillFlavored Aerosol Refills:

Odor ElminatorOdor Eliminator:

Aerosol DispenserAerosol 2000:




Mildew and certain fungus have odors which can become a problem in the home. To successfully deal with these problems, you need to identify that it is indeed such a smell. If it is from mildew or fungus, there must be some kind of a moisture problem. The most common water problem we deal with along coastal areas and environments with high humidity involve water which accumulates in crawl spaces or basements. To deal with the odors, you must minimize the moisture.

The first place to check is outside. Make sure the grade of landscape is helping – not creating the problem. Water which is left to stand alongside the foundation will certainly lead to all kinds of problems. The grade should help to relocate water away from your home. You may need to install more gutters or adjust the grade so that rain water is able to be carried away from your home. If you have high water tables or humid conditions, moisture by itself will allow for mildew to live. Basements, foundations and crawl space dirt which collect this moisture will create an environment fungus can thrive in. You must minimize this moisture.



Poly 4 MilOptions include the use of dehumidifiers in basements, installing extra vents in crawl spaces, making sure existing vents are working and placing at least 4 MIL POLY SHEETING on the crawl space dirt. If you don’t open the vents for your crawl space, moisture will accumulate. We have been to so many homes where the vents have rotted out and need to be replaced.

Poly 4 Mil4 Mil Poly:


Temp VentsIf you need to do this, consider the use of TEMP VENTS. These vents are controlled by temperature and are able to open and close with the change of temperature. This removes the need for you to adjust them manually. They are easy to install and come in different colors. We like them a lot because they come with a lifetime warranty. In many of the crawl spaces We have been in, the Temp Vent being installed was not enough. This was due to the size of the space or because only a small part of it had a moisture problem but we could not locate the vent close to it.

Temp VentsTemp Vents:


Power Temp VentFor these applications you should install a POWER VENT. These are made by the same company but include a motor which powers a fan. When powered on, the fan is able to vent 7200 cubic feet of air space per hour. This can be quite helpful when spaces have high moisture pressure from seasonal weather changes. In some situations, isolated parts of spaces have the moisture problem but not all areas.

Power Temp VentPower Vent:


Temp Vent HumidistatTemp Vent ThermostatTemp Vent DuctFor these problems, the Power Vent can be used but be sure to install the ADAPTOR/DUCT option which is a 25 foot long duct that can be cut to target specific locations in the space. By channeling the suction you are able to focus the power vent on areas which most need it. If these areas are only a problem during times of high heat or high humidity, install one either the THERMOSTAT OR HUMIDISTAT which can be set to power on the vent only when certain conditions are met. The Thermostat has a temperature control knob so you can set it to the specific temperature you want to unit to be on. The Humidistat has a control knob which adjusts to different levels of humidity. Either can save from running the vent when it’s not needed which will save both money and the life of the vent.

Temp Vent DuctDuct:

Temp Vent ThermostatThermostat:

Temp Vent HumidistatHumidistat:



Lastly, if you have a crawl space with moisture seeping up from the dirt, you must install 4 Mil Poly. This poly sheeting will keep the moisture down and combined with the vents will keep the humidity down so fungus can’t survive. If you do all of the above and still have fungus living, you will need to do some spraying.

BoracareTimborTreating for fungus is easy and has other benefits as well. The active ingredient in these products is in the boron family so the materials are safe to use around the home. They are low in odor and offer broad pest coverage. The two most commonly used in the pest control industry are TIMBOR and BORACARE. Timbor is fine to use if fungus is all that is of concern. It is a white powder mixed with water and sprayed onto joists, subfloor and sillplate. Boracare is used the same way.




Pump SprayerBoracare offers the ability to penetrate and may prove to be the better product to use if you are subject to either termites or powder post beetles. Once treated, the wood will not be able to host decay fungus, mildew or most pests so moist basements and crawl spaces should be treated to insure they are protected. Use one of our SPRAYERS to get the needed coverage.

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:


NNZOdor DestroyerNow that the source of moisture has been addressed and the mildew has been controlled with one of the mildewcides, there are two products which can be applied to eliminate the odor. Either ODOR DESTROYER or NNZ will work well for this application. Each will treat 1000 sq/ft real well and both eat the mildew and the mildew odor quickly. Expect to see results immediately. If you have done a good job of eliminating the source of the odor, you probably won’t have to worry about it anymore. However, for problems which have been active for some time, you may have to do 2-3 treatments to kill off all the active spores.

Odor DestroyerOdor Destroyer:



BG 2300Pump SprayerUse one of our SPRAYERS to do the application but if the area you are treating has limited access, either rent or buy our B&G FOGGER to make the job easier and more thorough. Because it creates a mist which is better suited for getting complete coverage, treatments made with the Fogger are always more complete.

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:

BG 2300BG 2300:



Smoke seems to be one of the most persistent odors to eliminate. Homes which have had a fire, automobiles that have had smokers using them and processing plants where smoke is a part of the process all can be minimized if not removed.

NNZHomes which have had a fire may have smoke odors persist for several years following the cleanup and rebuilding. Any part of the structure which is left from the original building is likely to have absorbed some smoke fumes and will continue to have that odor for some time. NNZ will work to eliminate this odor.



BG 2300Pump SprayerYou may apply it by either spraying it with a SPRAYER or by fogging it with the B&G FOGGING MACHINE. It is important to reach every area the smoke did. Since smoke will permeate into cracks and crevices, treating them is important if you want to reduce the odor. It is best to treat the structure before rebuilding but we have many customers who call and are experiencing the problem after all the new construction has been done.

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:

BG 2300BG 2300:


In cases like these placing the N-100 out in cups will help. You may need to treat wall voids where the odor may be harboring. Although it involves more work when treating structures that have been repaired, it is still possible to remove the odor. It will require persistence and patience and above all else, delivering the material to the key locations where the odor is anchored.



N7CAnimals can get into our homes, garages or sheds and over time leave quite a bit of odor. Once they are removed, their scent can persist for some time. This odor can be left by pets such as dogs, cats, ferrets, gerbils, rabbits or many others. In either case, their scent may be strong and cleansers will not remove them. The best product to use for this problem is N7C. It reacts organically and will eliminate these animal scents and is great at getting rid of many problematic smells including:

a) Skunk scent under a deck, crawl space or shed.

b) Bat smell in the attic.

c) Raccoon smell in the attic or walls.

d) Dog or cat odors in carpeting or concrete.

e) Pet smells in boxes, garages or decks.

f) Smells left behind in vacant apartments.

g) Odors which accumulate on furniture.

Links to information on:        BATS        CATS        DOGS        MICE        RACCOON        RATS        SKUNK        SQUIRRELS


BG 2300Pump SprayerN7C is great for these problems. It can be applied with a PUMP SPRAYER where you are able to reach treatment areas. If you have a crawl space that you need to saturate, use the FOGGING MACHINE RENTAL for quick coverage. Though one treatment may work, don’t be surprised if you have to do two or three since odors like these take a long time to build up and consequently take some time to break down.

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:

BG 2300BG 2300:



Although we don’t have specific directions for “other odors”, we can offer some advise and ideas to control or remove it. Such odors may include new materials in the household, processing smells from near by manufacturing plants, odors from sewer lines, garbage or animal odors from pets. This could be an odor related to something that rotted like food (meat, dairy, fruit or vegetable).

First, try to minimize the smell. If it is coming from a nearby manufacturer, you may need to begin some kind of legal process to get them to control their emissions. These are usually the hardest to deal with because you have the least amount of control over where they are coming from. Odors in your home are easier to remove. Is it from a current member of the family such as a pet or a sick person? Is it an odor left from the people you bought the home from? Is it a lingering odor from something that rotted away?

N-100For these kind of odors, the N-100 would be ideal. It will break up the gases released by the degrading food stuff and render the odor unnoticeable quickly.



Odor ElminatorAerosol DispenserCherry Scented ConcQuick ActionOdor DestroyerIs the odor only noticed when it is warm, wet or only when the furnace is on? If the odor is coming from inside the home, you need to determine if it is from some- thing organic or man made. Organic smells can be handles with either of the enzymes we sell under the label of ODOR DESTROYER or QUICK ACTION. If it is something synthetic, you will probably have to resort to odor masking with something like the Cherry smelling CHERRY FRESH or installing the AEROSOL MACHINES. Although neither will remove the odor, they may provide enough of a mask to make it tolerable when such smells are extreme. If you install the Aerosol Machine, be sure to use the ODOR ELIMINATOR since this is the best formulation to use when wanting to eliminate odor from the air.

Odor DestroyerOdor Destroyer:

Quick ActionQuick Action:

Cherry Scented ConcCherry Scent:

Aerosol DispenserAerosol 2000:

Odor ElminatorOdor Eliminator:


Give us a call if you need further help. Our toll free is 1-800-877-7290 and we’re open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. On Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and on Saturday, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time).

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August 24, 2012

Harvey Salem @ 6:53 pm #


I had a groundhog living under my 10’x10′ shed which I believe has just died because of the strong odor coming from under the shed. I can look under the shed with a flashlight but all I see are dead leaves. The animal may have died in his burrough or under some leaves. It is hard to try clearing under the shed because one side only has about an inch opening between it and the asphalt and the other side has less than a foot. This also makes it hard to spray anything under there that can reach all surface areas since I do not know exactly where he is. What do you suggest? The foam wand you sell does not seem long enough to reach all the areas and the simple spray bottle will never do it. Should I just let him decay under there and then, eventually the odor might disappear. I understand that groundhogs are notorious for taking over abandoned hutches. Maybe if I make it too clean and livable again, others might come. What do you think?
Many thanks,Harvey

August 25, 2012
November 25, 2012

Yvaine @ 12:12 pm #


My brother passed away and his body was not found for 2-3 weeks. The smell is really bad but I wanted to salvage some items and pictures from inside the house. The smell is now a part of everything that was inside. Is there something I can use to completely get rid of the smell from these items? We are not looking to clean the house; just the items we’re taking out.

January 19, 2013

Edward @ 3:23 pm #


In October of 2012, we had a tenant pass way in one of the units. A local bio-management company supposedly cleaned the bath area where the body was found. The smell of the re-agent was noticeable after the treatment. However, now we’re experiencing nausea and a return of the original smell. What should we do? The exhaust fan was on when the person died until the body was discovered. Should we be concerned about any surviving bio-aerosols? Thanks.

September 11, 2013

Crystal @ 1:32 am #


I recently moved into a house where the previous owners were not very clean and because of this, the house had a serious roach problem. Before we moved in, the house was exterminated and we thoroughly cleaned (several cabinets had roach droppings that had been left for an extended period of time). After deep cleaning all of the kitchen cabinets and everything in the kitchen with a bleach product, we are still dealing with a weird smell in the kitchen. It seems to get worse at times, and better at other times. It seems that some of the smell is originating from a few of the cabinets – other times it’s coming from behind the refrigerator (we also took the refrigerator and all of the other appliances out and thoroughly cleaned behind them and inside of them). We have deep cleaned every surface inside and out in the kitchen but the smell is persistent. We believe the roaches are all dead – we haven’t seen any since we moved in a month ago and we keep the house extremely clean – but the smell just won’t go away. It’s a disgusting smell that is unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before. After doing some research online, it seems like the problem is due to the previous roaches. The problem is, none of these sources give any clear cut information on how to eliminate the smell once and for all. What would you guys recommend we do about this? I’m concerned that there could be dead roaches in the walls that are also contributing to this problem. How would you go about handling this? This smell is driving us insane! Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :)

November 27, 2014

phillip mccarthy @ 11:45 pm #


I had a hoarder in one of my rental units for several years. She allowed 4 feral cats to use the entire house as a cat box, with mounds of excrement in cabinets corners etc… She smoked inside and left rotting food around as well. I have gutted the house except baseboards walls and concrete slab… what product and application would fight a mixture of these smells?

November 28, 2014
May 31, 2015

sheila hanson @ 9:43 am #


Last year we used a tractor on our small farm to remove old hay and manure, since then the ground stinks terrible every time it gets wet from rain, being on a farm I know manure smell and this is not manure, it ‘almost’ smells like dead animal but not quite although just as pungent – it never gets better with all the rain we have had, I would think if it was something topical it would have washed away by now, but it just stays – to the point of being almost unbearable to be outside. I have livestock animals in these areas and have had these animals for over 20 years – this smell is new to me – I need to determine what the smell is, hard to say exactly where it is coming from – and how to remove it. I do not mind so much manure smell, or hay smell but this is just terrible – almost a sour dead animal smell. Please help – this needs to be dealt with outside and safe for the animals in case they get near or on it.

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