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I am inquiring to see if drione dust would be an effective treatment against camel crickets. I live in an apartment unit and do not have personal access to the crawl space. I would like to do something inside my home to ward off these critters. Please advise.

DRIONE DUST has many good qualities and I’m sure it can help take care of this problem. Not only does it last long, but it’s highly effective at repelling pests. When applied to cracks and crevices used by insects to enter structures, it will repel them and keep them out.
Now since CAMELBACK CRICKETS will many times come up from crawl spaces to enter living spaces during the winter, it’s always best to dust the crawl directly. Such treatments will usually provide instant and long lasting control. But if you can’t treat the crawl space directly, the next best option would be to put in place a barrier of dust. And no doubt the best dust for the job is Drione.
So to answer your question; yes, Drione would be a great treatment option. The key will be to get some into every nook, crack, crevice and hole you can find. Common entry points will be where heating pipes pass through flooring or walls, electric power sockets, under switch plate covers, inside light fixtures, around windows, around doors, where flooring meets walls (known as baseboards) and up under kitchen and bathroom sinks.
You’ll need a good hand duster to apply the Drione and though a CRUSADER can do the job, the CENTRO 14 OZ is better suited for detailed treatments like you need to do.
Lastly, another good tool to help your cause are CRICKET TRAPS. These should be place throughout your apartment with at least 1-2 per room. This way if you fail to get enough Drione applied and some are still finding their way into your living space, the trap catching crickets will be a tell tale sign of where you still need to treat.

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