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Hi! I want to use wood from an old barn for projects inside my house. I am concerned about bugs in the wood. I also am concerned about the environmental impact of the product that I might use. I want to keep the character of the old wood and still be safe. I live in northern Indiana, if that information is helpful. What do you recommend? Thanks!

By far the best product for the job would be Boracare. It goes on odorless, is readily absorbed by wood and once applied, will disappear with the active penetrating through and through the wood so you’ll have years of protection following the treatment.
Now after the product cures – which usually takes 48-72 hours – you won’t even know the treatment was done. The wood won’t change in any way, the treatment uses boron as it’s active which cannot impact mammals (people, pets) and if the wood is kept in the home out of the weather, the treatments will last for many years.
Lastly, Boracare will protect it from insects that eat wood as well as wood destroying fungus so overall, the best option by far. And since a gallon jug can be kept for many years, you can mix up small amounts to use as needed without having to waste unused portions.

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