Brown recluse spiders can be a dangerous pest when they start nesting in the home. Commonly found in attics, storage rooms and other dark parts of the home, brown recluse spider bites can have a devastating impact to anyone unlucky enough to be bitten. The best way to prevent encounters with the brown recluse is to treat the outside perimeter of your home. Seasonal treatments will keep them away from your house and in doing so, prevent them from gaining access to living spaces. Ultimately this will greatly reduce the odds of getting bit.

If you have brown recluse spiders active in the living spaces of your home, treat with with aerosols like D-FORCE and ECO KO EXEMPT. You should also set out SPIDER TRAPS to help reduce local populations. Spider traps will also alert you to activity that could otherwise be missed.

If brown recluse spiders are found in crawl spaces or attics, dust these voids with DELTAMETHRIN DUST. It’s long lasting and will control them where they most want to be nesting. By taking away this key nest location, you’ll reduce the odds of any getting into the living spaces.

Outside the home you’ll need to spray with a good residual product. Actives like SUSPEND DELTAMETHRIN or CYPERMETHRIN will go a long way at both killing and repelling these invasive spiders. Be sure to focus your spray to routes of entry like soffits, vents, windows, doors and around rain gutters.

In the lawn, treatments should be done with BIFEN GRANULES. This long lasting granule will get them as they traverse the local turf before they can enter your home.

Brown recluse spiders are a big problem throughout the United States and because we have so much information on how to treat and handle local infestations, we have a separate website just for them.


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