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We have a serious problem with long eared brown bats in a house in Belgium. They are coming in to create a maternity nest into the loft space of a large old house. This loft has recently been converted into an apartment and the bats are making it unlivable. What can we do?

This should be an easy fix. If you review our BAT CONTROL article, you’ll see we have a section that discusses various devices that emit a sound bats don’t like. When installed, you can direct the sound at the area they’re using and this will make the area uncomfortable for them. In most cases, they’ll leave within a day of the unit being installed.

The unit best suited for small areas and small bat colonies is the TRANSONIC. This unit has multiple settings and when using them for bats, it’s entirely possible people living in the structure may hear the setting best used for bats. This is okay and no cause for alarm.

First, the sound is not harmful so there is no need to worry about pro longed exposure if anyone can hear it. And if the area involved where the unit is installed is enclosed, the sound may not be audible in the living space anyway.

But more importantly, you only need to keep the Transonic running to scare the bats away. In most cases having a light switch for the outlet used that powers the Transonic or simply plugging and unplugging the power cord when needed will make it’s use efficient and effective because again, this should not be viewed as a permanent solution.

What would be more permanent fix would be to install some BAT SCREENING on the outside of the home once the bats left. When properly installed, small sections of screening can be stapled to the structure over the entrance/exit holes thus excluding the bats for good. So the Transonic need only be deployed to chase the bats away and once gone, the screening installed as the permanent fix.

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