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I have a large yard and have have seen a bot cat waiting on our fence for our dogs to come out. Do I use bobcat urine to repel them? Or will that attract more of them? What about using human pee? We have a lot of birds ( quail dove Raven) which I know is a problem as well. Do the water sprayer go off with birds too? Thus why the water sprayer might not work as well as it will go off all the time. We are not allowed to trap here. We need advice.  Thanks.

Setting out Bobcat urine may or man not repel them from the area. The way “same species urine” is intended to work is to alert other bobcats that the area is taken by another bobcat so if you have a timid female hanging around, she would probably retreat. But if you have a male trying to stake a territory too, he might not mind and the urine could cause him to linger. So in general, we always recommend setting out a “larger” predator’s urine. In this case some Mountain Lion or Timber wolf urine would be a better choice when trying to repel a bobcat.

Cougar Urine:

Timber Wolf Urine:

As for the motion activated water sprayer; it won’t be activated by birds. Simply put, they’re too small and essentially the “eye” of the detector does not see them. It can work on large birds like ducks or Canada geese if they walk around where one is deployed. But for bobcats, it works great and usually gets them to leave and stay away for good immediately.

Scare Crow:

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