Blow flies thrive primarily on dead bodies of small animals such as rodents. They are easy to identify because they are medium to large in size and have a metallic glare on their body. They come in several colors including blue, green or yellow. They fly well and can reproduce in manure if unable to find a dead animal on which to lay eggs.

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Blow flies are attracted to the gases which decaying bodies release and once they find the body, blow flies will lay hundreds of eggs. The larva stage of these flies will eat the carcass until there is nothing left. This may take several cycles of the fly, but the larva will pupate and the adults will lay more eggs until the food supply runs out.



Blow flies are common in the winter months since many homeowners will use a rodenticide to try and control a mouse or rat infestation. This usually leads to some of the animals dying in the attic or wall. Blow flies will find the dead body and eventually find their way into the living areas of the home. It is at this point the homeowner learns they have a problem of some sort.



It is not uncommon to find these flies throughout summer months as well since they are able to forage great distances in search of food. Road kill, manure and high moist temperatures will enable them to prosper. Although these flies do not bite, they are a nuisance in the home. They fly quickly, move throughout the entire home in a matter of moments and will annoy residents with their loud buzzing. They can’t bite, but will scare people who fear they may be a wasp or bee.



Purge IIIAerosol DispenserPT 565 XLOAs a space spray, apply PT-565 daily as is needed. This can be time consuming so installing some AEROSOL MACHINES which take the PURGE FLYING INSECT KILLER will prove more efficient if you have an ongoing blow fly problem.

PT 565 XLOPT-565:

Aerosol DispenserAerosol 1000:

Purge IIIPurge:



Fogmaster 6208 TrijetPump SprayerPermethrin 10For the yard, barn, stable, garbage area, dog pen and any other place around the home, PERMETHRIN 10 is a good all around product. It can be applied to the animals as well as the structures so if you want one product, this is it. Use it in a PUMP SPRAYER or a FOGMASTER 6208 FOGGER to treat.

Permethrin 10Permethrin 10:

Pump Sprayer Pump Sprayer:

Fogmaster 6208 TrijetFM 6208:


OnslaughtIf you want something a little stronger for the structure, go with the ONSLAUGHT. It’s time released and can last several months where applications are out direct sunlight. Onslaught cannot be used on the animals but it’s great for any surface where flies are landing.




Maxforce Fly Spot BaitIn the yard, MAXFORCE FLY BAIT can be effective at intercepting foraging blow flies before they make it inside.

Maxforce Fly Spot BaitMaxforce Fly Bait:



Flies-B-GoneFLIES BE GONE FLY TRAPS can also help. Blow flies love the smell of these and can’t resist entering. Once inside they cannot escape.

Flies-B-GoneFlies Be Gone:



Permethrin AerosolDeet LotionDeet 100%Lastly, as a personal repellent, apply MAXI DEET or DEET LOTION to your skin. Generally speaking these flies are not attracted to people. That being said, we do get people who seem to attract them. To keep annoying blow flies at bay, use either of these repellents made for the skin. The lotion will last longer if you’re going afield. The Maxi Deet is the strongest you can get for direct applications to the skin. For clothing, go with the PERMETHRIN AEROSOL FLY CONTROL AEROSOL.

Deet 100%Deet 100%:

Deet LotionDeet 20% Lotion:

Permethrin AerosolPermethrin Aerosol:


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