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I don’t know where they’re coming from but all of  a sudden there are hundreds of giant blow flies in my house! I’m afraid they came from a dead mouse. I set out some mouse poison after seeing their poo in my garage. After a few days I cleaned up everything and the bait was gone. No new mouse poo was found but now I have flies. Shouldn’t I smell the dead mouse somehere? This is gross.

Blow flies are attracted to decaying flesh like dead mice or dead rats. And when using any kind of mouse killer, there is always a chance they’ll die somewhere in the home. This usually leads to a bad smell and if the dead mouse isn’t removed, MAGGOTS and BLOW FLIES.

For now, try to isolate where you think the body might be. It’s probably in the garage or under something just out of sight. Mice will usually seek what they feel is a safe place when sick. Being able to remove the carcass with help eliminate the Blow Flies as well as any odor.

To control the Blow Flies, use one of the products listed in our article. The most popular for large open areas is the PT-565 SPACE SPRAY. You can use it as needed and it can be applied anywhere in the home. It’s important that you kill the flies you see since they want to do nothing other than mate and lay eggs. This will cause the problem to persist.

But before you kill them all, you may want to spend a little time tracking their flying paths. Blow flies have a great sense of smell and can be used to track a path way to the dead animal that’s feeding them. Many times you’ll find them entering a crack that leads to a void in the wall. Maybe you’ll see them wanting to get into your garage or some other room. So just watching them fly can really help locate the reason they’re here in the first place.

Lastly, if an odor does ever develop, get some NNZ. Used in the areas where the odor is present, NNZ works great at neutralizing it so the problem can be eliminated.

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November 1, 2016

jill @ 2:49 am #

I woke up this morning and found 12 maggots crawling on the tiles in my kitchen/living room floor. My house is spotless and I spray blow flies as soon as they come in the house and wipe up there eggs if they have laid any. I don’t know how they have got to the larvae stage as there is nothing on my floors for them to feed on and it is worrying me. I moved everything and vacuumed and washed the floor. Do you think that this is just a once off thing? I have never had this happen before.

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