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I believe we have carpet beetles – are the chemicals you mention safe for birds? We have a pet cockatiel in the room which has the infestation.

If you read our CARPET BEETLE CONTROL article, you’ll see the process of controlling this pest can take a bit of time and that the critical material to stop this beetle is the growth regulator. Ironically, this active won’t kill any insect. It’s basically nothing more than a protein and by over exposing the developing young to this protein, they won’t mature properly. In then end, they won’t be able to mature to reproducing adults when exposed to this active so based on your message, I would recommend you use nothing but the NYLAR.

Now to control the problem, you’ll need to treat all carpeting and furniture at the rate of 1 gallon of finished spray to every 800 sq/ft. And do this treatment every 3 months. Keep the bird off the treated surface till it dries but once the area is dry, everyone (including the bird), can re enter and go about their normal business without any hazard.

Growth regulators are amongst the safest products to use because they really can’t affect mammals since they’re just a protein. Unfortunately, their one short coming is that they won’t kill the adult stage and for some pests (like cockroaches), this is not acceptable. Fortunately adult carpet beetles don’t eat, do not appear in great numbers and are rarely a big nuisance in of themselves. In fact it’s the damaging larvae that do the damage. And so by treating the larvae with the Nylar, you’ll be preventing them from maturing and in the end, ┬áthis is the best way to proceed safely and effectively.


Carpet Beetles:

I also recommend setting up some CARPET BEETLE TRAPS. These will help alert you to any areas you may have missed or need extra attention.

Carpet Beetle Traps:

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