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We have spiders (some jumping and other kind of spiders, some big ones too) also pill bugs (if I am not mistaking they look like they have armor!). I would like to get an insecticide to apply indoor around windows and wall corners and base of the rooms and something for around the entry doors. Which one of your products would you suggest to buy? I would like to use something effective but not something so toxic to people.

I happen to get a lot of spiders inside my home and since I have hardwood floors throughout the house, I don’t like spraying anything liquid. So because of this concern, what I mostly use is PHANTOM AEROSOL. It’s odorless, lasts a good month inside and goes on dry. This way I don’t make a mess when treating yet I get great control of all pests inside using nothing but the Phantom.


I also spray the outside of my home on a regular basis and you should too. This way perimeter active pests won’t be able to establish themselves on the home because once they start there, it’s only  a matter of time before they get inside.

Now a good product to use for the liquid treating is the DELTAMETHRIN. It too is odorless, can last 1-2 months per treatment and is okay to spray inside the home if you want to use in the living spaces.

Suspend SC:

Use a good PUMP SPRAYER for making the application and be sure to get the entire perimeter. That means you’ll have to use 2-3 gallons of mixed solution for the average sized home.

Pump Sprayer:

Both these products can handle most any pest problem including the pill bugs so once you start using them, you’ll effectively be controlling all your pests.

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