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Hi. I love your company. You guys helped me with a booklice problem 5 years ago and it worked out great. Today I have a different problem.

I was on a long vacation and during the vacation I suddenly woke up with what looked like mosquito bites along the edges of my hands and arms. I had seen a lot of mosquitos in the area so I assumed that they simply feasted on me while I was asleep. Once I got home it suddenly occurred to me that I should have considered bedbugs as the source of the bites. By then I had already brought my luggage back into the house. Luckily I had unpacked in my laundry room and washed all my clothes, but my backpack came with me all the way to my bedroom and stayed in there overnight. So now I’m nervous. If it was bedbugs and I helped a bug or an egg into my bedroom, I’ve got a problem, right? If so, I want to start protecting myself now before it even starts. I have leftover PT565XLO from my booklice issue and I’ve already done a quick area spray of my bedroom to try to knock down any hatched bug that came home with me, but any eggs would have to wait a week or two, is that right? I’m interested in your advice on how to nip this in the bud before they get a foothold. It’s possible that I don’t have a problem, but I’d rather have the peace of mind. Thanks very much!

I wouldn’t panic just yet but I do suggest you take a proactive stance to insure you don’t have a developing problem. And the easiest way to do this would be to get some FIRST ALERT BED BUG MONITORS installed. These should be deployed once a week for the next several weeks to make sure you don’t have anything developing.

Bed Bug Monitor:

Since these traps work so well, I’d rely mostly on what they reveal in the coming weeks. But if you want to spray just to be sure, the BED BUG RID would be ideal. It’s fast acting, can safely be applied to bedding, furniture, luggage etc. and works on all phases of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Rid:

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