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We have a place in Ontario Canada on a Lake. The home is set on a point with a bay to the north and the open lake to the south. The bay is fed by what once was a nice stream which according to a 1930’s survey was about 10 feet wide. The beavers dammed the stream in the 1940’s and every since then, the beaver problem has been never ending.

At one point we built a small bridge over the stream. The beavers then built a dam about 100 feet long just before the bridge and started to flood a larger area. Sometime in the 1960’s we replaced the bridge with a 3 foot culvert and the beavers dammed the culvert and flooded about 100 acres. Next we tore out the bridge and dumped tons of gravel to build the road up and filled in the culvert which basically built the beavers a nice dam. At this point I want to kill these beaver and make sure they never come back. I canoe out to their huts and try to dismantle them to spook them but this does no good. There are now four huts that I can see and a fifth is being built right now.

There are probably more huts that we have not seen from the road but we’re ready to take them on. My folks want to rip out the culvert and take the road down to the stream level now and they think the beaver will not be able to dam up such a huge area but they already did it once before so I don’t think this will work. I think the only solution is to trap and/or kill these things and wipe out the entire population on this property. Can you help us? I look forward to your response.

No doubt there is a long history of beaver related problems on your property. That means it will take a lot of work to trap them out and even after they’re gone, my guess is you’ll have a constant flow of new animals coming around based on the lay of the land, the scent left there from previous beaver, etc. But I do believe you can tackle this problem or at least reduce the population to something more manageable and in the process, gain back control of your land.

For now, I suggest you read through our BEAVER CONTROL article which goes over the most common traps used for beaver. After reading it through, make some decisions about which trapping method you’re comfortable attempting. Next, give us a call and we’ll spend some time answering questions and outlining a game plan that should tackle the problem. As long as you understand it will most likely take a couple of months to get the area cleared out, I’m sure we’ll be able to set you up with what you’ll need.

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