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We live in a log home and have a bat problem – they hang on our eaves and have now started entering the attic. We have tried light and bat houses and mothballs but no success. Please help!

For starters, read our BAT CONTROL article. It will go over all the treatment options available in great detail so you can better educate yourselves as to the options you have. Lights and moth balls won’t do a thing and though setting out a bat house might be a good way to keep them around the yard, its not going to get them to move from your attic.

As you’ll learn in our article, the first thing you need to do is get them out of the attic. This can be accomplished by setting out some ULTRA SOUND TRANSONICS. These devices should be set to the “bat” setting and after a few days of running them non stop, the bats will be gone and continue to stay out as long as the units are turned on.

Next you’ll need to set out some ULTRA SOUND YARD GARDS around the home pointed up at your eaves where they’re roosting. Like the Transonics, bats do not like the sound these devices release and will avoid the area where its heard. Yard Gards are weatherproof and can be installed outside. Keep them running all the time using the included power supply AC converter.

Once the bats leave the eaves, you’ll need to exclude them by covering their routes of entry using any combination of BAT SCREENING, BAT NETTING and COPPER STUFF IT. These items can be installed around the soffits and overhangs where the bats are entering.

Lastly, once they’re all gone, be sure to clean up any droppings they left using the products we have listed in our article. Bat droppings are full of bacteria and other “bad” biological hazards and need to be removed and the areas sanitized to avoid health issues.

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