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Hi, We have a bat that flies in front of our house at night and keeps pooping all over the place. We are hosting some friends in a week and I wouldn’t want that bat to do his thing while we are sitting there. I’m just wondering how to prevent him from doing so. Thanks a lot for your help!

This is an easy one. Simply set up one of our Ultra Sound Yard Gards pointed up and into the air space he’s using. Bats hate this sound and will avoid the area.

Generally its best run it continuously to keep him away for good but usually within 1-2 days, bats will figure out the sound is not going away and start foraging elsewhere. So after a week, you can try turning it off to see if any return or just put the unit on a timer so it goes off every evening at dark and runs throughout the night. The Yard Gard comes with an AC Adaptor so you can power it by electricity and it’s weatherproof so you can set them up outside no problem.

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