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We’re seeing small bark scorpions for the first time in our house. They’ve always been outside around the property but never inside. Is it because of the mild winter? We mostly see them at night and now I’m afraid my dog or baby will get stung. What can I use inside that won’t be dangerous to us but get the scorpions?

If you read through our SCORPION CONTROL article, you’ll learn bark scorpions will commonly live in mulch, pine straw and other areas where insects are active. Scorpions will target these insects and as long as you are not doing regular pest control around the property, they’ll grow in numbers. Their ever growing population means they’ll eventually get inside the home which apparently is happening now.

Once inside, they’ll probably spend a lot of time foraging for food so the odds of encountering one and getting stung will increase. For starters, I suggest you get some SCORPION TRAPS set up in any room where you’ve seen activity. These traps can help alert you to where they’re active and what rooms are most badly infested. Once identified, these rooms can be treated extra well to get good scorpion control.

As for scorpion treatments; no doubt you need to apply some DELTAMETHRIN GRANULES around the outside of the home followed by a spraying of CYKICK CS over the top. In most cases treating a good 10-20 foot area immediately adjacent to the home is a good way to reduce their numbers just outside the home. This in turn will decrease if not eliminate the amount foraging inside.

As for inside scorpion treatments, you can start with the PHANTOM AEROSOL. This is an odorless aerosol that works great on scorpions. Apply it using the injector nozzle and direct the spray under baseboard molding, around door frames and especially where scorpions might be entering like the garage door area or basement door (should you have a basement). The Cykick CS can be sprayed inside too but it’s hard to direct the liquid up and into the cracks and voids where scorpions like to hide so the Phantom is better suited for inside treatments. And by directing the spray into these locations, you’ll reduce the amount of pesticide in the living space so there will little to no exposure to the family and pets so the aerosol is the safer, less messy product for inside.

Lastly, consider getting a SCORPION BLACKLIGHT. These can be really helpful – especially when used at night – to locate prime scorpion nest sites so you can treat them accordingly.

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