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We have a bunch of armadillos and babies over the past month in our backyard. Which of your products would work to get rid of the armadillos and not affect our own dog when we take her out on leash? The armadillos come out of the woods approx. 50 ft .from where are dog goes out in backyard and they start digging. Our dogs want to dig where they dig so I’m afraid to set anything there.

If you read through our ARMADILLO article, you’ll learn you have 2-3 treatment options. However, some are hazardous to pets that have access to the same area. Based on the fact your dogs are going right where the armadillo are digging, I suggest you consider live trapping to start. It’s easy and effective.

Get one of the LT111230 LIVE TRAPS and set it out using our GRUB BAIT. Trapping armadillo are easy when you know where they’re coming from and where they’re active. In this case, it sounds like you’ve got these locations nailed. Now it’s just a matter of setting up some traps and removing the animals.

Once trapped you must relocate them at least 10 miles away so they won’t return. Based on the fact you have woods close by and a lawn they want to dig in, getting a live trap is probably a good idea because I suspect there could be more coming around any time of year. A good live trap can last many years and this is a commercial model we’re recommending so it will work for many years to come. This is the best way to handle a problem like this since it won’t pose a hazard to your dogs.

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