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I did half of my crawl space “ceiling” (floor above after removing insulation) last year and now want to finish the project by doing the other side. I used a common 2 gallon plastic sprayer with a fan nozzle. I got it done but it was “raining down” Boracare. Is there some way or something that will stick to the floor and joists overhead without allowing the rain effect? Or do I need to get rid of the fan nozzle and just apply a finer mist? Any help would be appreciated. I wasted a lot of product that ended up in the dirt floor. Thanks.

Spraying Boracare “up” is not suggested because you will no doubt suffer from a lot of runoff and waste (as you already know). To minimize this problem, there are two ways to proceed.

The first is to lightly “mist” the product up onto the wood using a misting machine like one of these:

BG 2300:


FM 6208:

While using one of these machines, the mixed solution can be misted up to your subflooring, floor joists, rim joists, etc. and if you move quickly, most of the material will stick to the wood with only little waste.

The only drawback to this method is when you are treating a small space where you have to lie on your back, you typically can’t move fast enough so it will take awhile due to movement issues. But if the space will let you move around on your knees or maybe even on your feet hunched over, using a mister would be a lot easier and definitely more efficient. You should be able to move through the space quickly with little (if any) runoff and get maximum coverage.

Now you will have to make several passes because it’s important that you let each “misting” absorb before you go to the next misting. Typically this will take 30-60 minutes per pass. And overall you should expect to do 3-5 “passes” instead of one heavy soaking with a traditional pump sprayer. But more material will definitely be absorbed and the treatment will be that much “better” so it’s well worth the time, effort and machine expense.

The second option is to use a paint brush or paint roller and literally “paint” the Boracare onto the wood. This will no doubt be tedious. But once you start you should be able to figure out just how wet to make the brush or roller without having too much product drip down. Again, you may have to make 2-3 passes using this method and in the end, it will be a lot more time consuming but you will get a lot more material absorbed and overall a better application result compared to spraying.


Boracare Moldcare:

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