american roaches in built in microwave oven


American Cockroach infestation in our kitchen under sink and they seem to have made a home in the oven too. Is the only way to deal with the built in overhead oven is to throw it out and get a new one?

No need to throw away any appliance. Think about it; even if you did, the roaches would simply populate any new appliance and clearly, replacing your microwave and/or oven over and over is not a viable option. Fortunately there is an easy fix.

If you review our AMERICAN ROACH CONTROL article, you’ll see a product listed called MAXFORCE ROACH GEL. This works great on most any species of roach including American. Simply place out small dabs of the gel under your sink, around the counter, your oven and microwave. Within a couple of weeks, your roach problem will be gone.

Now you may want to renew the gel every week until you know the roaches gone for good but in general, most treatments will take 2-3 weeks to run their course.

Oh, and don’t wash or clean anything in the area. Let everything be as it is to insure the roaches stay put and don’t get displaced. Now once they’re gone and you don’t see any for 2 weeks, you can give the areas a thorough cleaning as you wish.

Lastly, we also suggest setting out 2-3 ROACH TRAPS on the counter and around the areas where they’ve been seen. This way if there are roaches not finding the gel, they’ll surely find the traps (because they use pheromones as attractants) and once they enter the trap, they’ll get caught.

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