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I have really big american roaches in my kitchen. They seem to be coming from under the sink cabinet. I’ve sprayed the area but they just keep coming. I do kill a few but how do I solve the problem? These are really big. like 3-4 inches long.

American roach infestations usually happen close to moisture like sinks and tubs. Many times they come from sewer and drain lines up into homes and apartments. Basements seem to be particularly susceptible to american roach infestations as are crawl spaces, garages, pine straw mulch, compost piles and rain gutters.

The first thing to understand is that they’re most likely living in between the cabinet bottom and the floor. They can also be in the wall void behind the sink or under the home. If this part of the house is built on slab, they may be coming up where water pipes or drain lines pass through the cement.

If you have a crawl space under the kitchen, they could be nesting there. The bottom line is you need to treat these areas with a dust for long term, permanent protection. And the best dust for the job is either DRIONE or DELTAMETHRIN.

Use the Drione if they’re nesting mostly in a wall void or the area under the cabinets. If you need to treat a crawl space that’s damp, go with the Deltamethrin.

Since American roaches love attic spaces, they’ll commonly live around gutters and roof shingles and from there move into attics. If you suspect they’re up high in the home, dust the attic space as well.

Next, set out some ROACH TRAPS in the cabinet and along the walls where you see activity. American roaches are easy to catch with these traps and they’ll work much better than spraying.

This should solve the problem but if they persist, get some ROACH GEL to place in any cabinet where you see activity.

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